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One Year

 Yes, I've been on a one year sort of hiatus. Nothing big happened but just got wrapped up in things. Will try and post more and start up again. No changes on the marriage front but some changes on the self identity. Still consider myself trans, but more of a sissy. Will go into that more.


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Ongoing Struggles

This is going to be a little crazy and may put some people off so fair warning. Been really struggling with a lot of stuff lately. My sexuality, I know I am bi, my marriage, which I think is pretty much over, my gender, should I go full time as a woman/sissy? Yes, I said sissy. Since I am so submissive, I have taken to calling myself a sissy. I define being a sissy for me as a submissive, very feminine transwoman who wants to please others in all ways. I don’t see me as a child-like sissy.  All these things weigh on me but I am not moving forward on any of them. I know I should move forward, but the event that was going to half decide on the marriage got pushed because of the COVID-19 responses and will now be pushed to the end of July. Once that is done, I hope to know more about the marriage and if I will be looking to move out. I think that is the trigger for everything. If I move out, I can move forward on a lot of other items. If I do go forward with being myself, I know my s

Dirty - NSFW

There are days where I look at someone like Sissy Joyce and wish that is all I want to be myself. Read more here .

First Step Worries

OK, another longish post but not as long as it could be. Been holding back some anger lately and have been successful at it. People are just getting annoying and pushing my sanity. I still this the underlying reason for this is the fact that I am not living as my real, authentic self. I have been in hiding so long that I think Nicole is finally trying to break out and be free. It seems the only issues that are keeping her locked away revolve around money and stability. I need money to move out but also need to pay my obligations to my “old” life. I am not going to be one who runs and just leaves a pile of debt that my name is on to leave someone else to cover. I know I need to pay for it. It seems that the affordable housing that people keep talking about has a gap. I get if you are in a lower income bracket and they pay a subsidy to help, but there seems to be no middle ground. I don’t qualify for housing help, and yet, I don’t make enough to cover an apartment and pay half of a mortg