Still looking for a new job. Several interviews, however, none of them have panned out. I don't know what it is. I think it is one of three things, either I don't come off well in the interview which I can totally believe as I am so shy it is difficult for me to do that. Second, it could be I am old for IT work. Being 48 and doing IT work for 20 years, I am asking for a lot of money for my salary. I may have to adjust that. The third thing, my wife thinks this is the one, is that my previous employer is essentially blacklisting to potential employers. I don't tend to believe it but the longer I am out of a job, the more it creeps in to my thoughts.  I think I need to check out a couple of interview sites for ideas before my next two interviews in a couple of days. I could even hit the local state unemployment office for help, but they closed that one permanently. We will see how it goes. I am looking forward to one of them as it would be the next step in my IT career if I get the IT manager job I am trying for.  My fingers are crossed.


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