Quick Update

Well, I have been out of a job now for about a month. Still looking and had an interview but it is starting to drain me not working. I may have to start getting out of my comfort zone and hand out some business cards to get sideline work and see where that takes me. The other consequence of being unemployed is I have no means to look at moving out or beginning a transition. It is still on the table but will definitely need to be put off until I can start making real cash. Until then, I will just need to create my own plans and road map for myself and where I want to go.

I have pretty much determined that if I do get to the point of moving out, depending on my job, I will be moving a little north to the Twin Cities MN area. I have looked at other places and I think I would miss the cold winters, yeah that sounds crazy. I think the other option would be Denver but that would require a lot more that I have now. I guess living for 20+ years in Minnesota has made it hard to leave and I think it is in my blood and soul now.

I hope that soon, I can start the savings process and not chicken out like I have before. For all you girls who have made that leap, I applaud you and admire you with awe. Some day I hope to join your esteemed ranks and take my place in the world as the person I was meant to be.


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