To Move or Not to Move

I have been thinking lately that if I were to move out of the house and proceed with a divorce, where would I want to live. I have always thought that if I were to begin transitioning, it might be best if I were to move somewhere new. Lately I have been thinking southern California. I used to live there in Orange County when I was in the military. I don't know if it is just fond memories that draw me there or what. I do know that I would definitely miss the four seasons here in the mid west. I can definitely deal with -20F rather than 90F with humidity. Another location I have thought of is Denver. I love Colorado but am somewhat unfamiliar with it where as California, at least I have some familiar memories. Another option is to just move to Minneapolis/St Paul as I know it very well and it is large enough for me to get lost in and be me.

I just don't know if just uprooting myself is what I should do. It would take a lot and still does not get to my underlying issue but then again, I fresh starting point may be just what my life needs.


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