Well, I am starting to brainstorm ideas of things I will need to do if/when I decide to be me. It is kind of peaceful and nice to see it in words.  It is one thing to dream of it, this makes it more concrete even though I am not doing anything. Naturally, the first thing on the list, is to locate a therapist. I did a little looking and may have found a starting place. The only thing is getting an appointment without getting the third degree from the spouse.  Not sure how to go about it. I know I can get an appointment with a family practice doc that may start the process seeing as I have not been to the doc in over 5 years, but it still may raise flags.  I know I am going to get grilled with "What are you doing this for now?", "Who are you doing this for?", and so many other questions. I just want to go with out the interrogation.  It is a vicious cycle that I need to break. At least I am making some steps. I plan on updating this as time goes and my progress if I keep moving forward. More to come.


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